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Waipio Valley – Big Island

The Waipio Valley is located on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, often referred to as “Hawaii Island.” While the Waipio Valley has much to offer in the way of history and scenery, perhaps the best payoff is the Waipio Valley Lookout, which showcases some amazing views of the historic valley.

A Little History

The Waipio Valley is full of history that is relevant to the founding fathers of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Island Chain. The valley itself was the childhood home of King Kamehameha I, as well as being a very important place for religion and political views throughout the islands. Because it was such an important place for Hawaiian history and culture, Waipio Valley is also known as “The Valley of the Kings.”

Scenery and Area

The Waipio Valley is very uniquely shaped. While the valley itself is only one mile long, it is an incredible five miles deep and is surrounded by towering cliffs that reach upwards of 2,000 feet. This is a truly breathtaking site, especially the deeper you go into the valley.

This area was once home to thousands of Hawaiians, but now there are less than 100 residents in the area, as it has turned more into a place of history, culture and beauty.

Some of the things you will see in the valley include:

• Waterfalls
• Taro Fields
• Rivers Throughout
• Hiilawe Falls

We will touch on Hiilawe Falls for a minute, as it is not only one of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever see, but it is also the tallest waterfall on the Big Island, as it measures an incredible 1,300 feet in height and features glorious cascading water located toward the back area of Waipio Valley.

What to Do

You can enjoy the Waipio Valley several different ways. Simply head to the Waipio Valley Lookout and take in the majestic valley, or dig deeper with one of the guided tours that are offered. Guided tours include:

• Hikes
• Van Tour
• Horseback Rides

You can take your own car into the valley road, but the road itself is very steep and requires a four-wheel drive to access. If you have rented a car you will want to make sure and check your rental agreement, as many rental car companies will not allow their vehicles to be taken into the area.

The Waipio Valley is full of Hawaiian culture and legend. If you have the chance to experience it, then “The Valley of the Kings” is something that shouldn’t be missed.

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