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Waimea Canyon – Kauai

Though Kauai is a relatively small island (26 miles across and 21 miles north to south) it does provide a home to one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the entire world, Waimea Canyon.

Also known as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” Waimea Canyon is located on the west side of Kauai and is a huge 10 miles long and over 3,500 feet deep. There are a ton of different reasons to make Waimea Canyon a “must see” on your trip to Kauai, but the amazing colors of the canyon are alone worth it! Waimea Canyon emits red, green, blue, gray and purple hues that are absolutely stunning to behold.

About Waimea Canyon

The Waimea Canyon was formed due to thousands of years of rains, winds, flooding, and other natural elements that have all come together to produce this majestic site. The canyon itself is known to be one of the wettest spots I the world, as it receives over 450 inches of rain annually. This is truly one of the most spectacular things to see in the world, so if you are on Kauai, the Waimea Canyon should be on the top of your “to do” list.

What to Do

Waimea Canyon is huge and offers visitors a number of different things to do and ways to do them. In the mood for a hike? You will find an assortment of hiking trails and passages throughout the canyon, all of which lead to a different experience. Trails range fro easy to very difficult, so if you don’t have a lot of hiking experience you should think twice about hitting the expert trails.

Waimea Canyon also offers Waimea Canyon Drive, which is a spectacular road that takes the driver up into the canyon mountains and ends at Kokee State Park, which is where you will find a majority of the canyon trail hikes.

Remember, the elevation change in the are is over 2,000 feet, so if you decide to walk down into the canyon on a hike you will have to walk back up as well, so be prepared for that.

Helicopter Tours

The best way to see Waimea Canyon in a short period of time is to take a helicopter tour. Not only is this a way to view the canyon in a shorter time, but it also allows for a birds eye view of the canyon, which is a spectacular site that you won’t soon forget.

Waimea Canyon, or “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” is an amazing site that shouldn’t be missed while you are enjoying your stay on Kauai.

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