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Punaluu Black Sand Beach – Big Island

Black Sand Beach, also called Punaluu Black Sand Beach, is a famous beach on the Big Island of Hawaii, also called “Hawaii Island.” The Big Island of Hawaii has constant lava flow going on, so you are often able to see all different types of sand in certain areas. This includes white sand, green sand, and of course, Black Sand Beach.

Located on the southeaster coast of the Big Island, Punaluu Black Sand Beach is not the only black sand beach on the island, but it is far and away the most popular and famous one. The Punaluu Black Sand Beach is located between Volcanoes National Park (another great place to visit on the Big Island) and the tiny town of Naalehu.

Swimming and Picnicking

Punaluu Black Sand Beach is not ideal for swimming, and you will even find it tough to walk on the rugged black sand without shoes. However, it is an amazing site to behold and people do swim in the area, though you will need to be careful. There are also several great spots for picnicking and hanging out with the family to enjoy the view and the area.

Don’t Forget the Camera

Punaluu Black Sand Beach is one of those places where you will definitely not want to forget your camera. The pure beauty of seeing it in real life can’t be matched, but you will want to take some pictures, as you will probably never see anything like this black sand beach again.

Honu (Green Sea Turtles)

Large Honu, or Green Sea Turtles, can often be see basking on the shore and playing in the water. These are protected species in Hawaii, so getting to close or trying to touch them is not recommended. If you disrupt or hurt them in any way you will face jail time and massive fines. However, they are truly amazing creatures and viewing them and taking pictures is encouraged, just be careful.

Why is the Sand Black?

It may take a few minutes to realize why the sand is black at Punaluu, but sitting and thinking about it for a minute you will realize that because of all the lava flow the “black sand” is actually broken up pieces of lava that have disintegrated over the years and become a fine looking sand. The sand does look walk able from a distance, but remember, you will need shoes so it does not tear into your feet.
Make sure you get out to see Punaluu Black Sand Beach during your visit to the Big Island of Hawaii. It will be something you treasure forever.

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