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Polynesian Cultural Center – Oahu

Nestled away toward the northern side of Oahu is the Polynesian Cultural Center. This is arguably the most popular attraction on Oahu, as it offers both visitors and locals a unique and interesting way to learn about Hawaii and other major island nations in the Pacific.

The Polynesian Cultural Center is located in the North Shore town of Laie, and can be easily accessed on your way up toward the North Shore area of Oahu. Laie is also where the campus of BYU Hawaii is located, and as most things go in that area, BYU has a huge hand in the operations of the Polynesian Cultural Center.

What PCC Offers?

 The Polynesian Cultural Center offers a number of day shows, night shows, luau, special events, and activities for the entire family. The center is situated into themes, with each are dedicated to one of the Pacific Island nations. It is actually quite impressive, as each area offers a number of mini shows, activities, games, and cultural experiences.

There are several Polynesian Cultures to learn about, and the PCC covers them all. Not only will you get access to all the history and culture of Hawaii, but you can also experience other Pacific Polynesian cultures such as Aotearoa ( New Zealand), Fiji, Hawaii, Rapa Nui, Samoa, Tahiti and Tonga, among others.

What to Choose From

 There are several different ways to experience the Polynesian Cultural Center. The way you choose to spend your experience will be based on personal taste, but the choices are:


  • Day Experience
  • Dining and Luau (traditional Hawaii meal)
  • Evening Show
  • Circle Island Tour
  • Special Shows and Events
  • Holiday Occasion Events


They also have an ongoing show called “Ha, the Breath of Life,” which is quite a popular show and has been running for some time.

Hours and Transportation

 The center’s hours vary, depending on the event or activity you are interested in. Obviously the evening shows, events and luaus allow for the center to be open later, but a lot of the center closes down at dusk because there is no light.

Getting to the Polynesian Cultural Center isn’t hard, and you can choose a couple of different ways to do so. There are a number of tour buses and companies that will take you out to the PCC for the entire day, then get you back to your hotel or other destination at night. However, you can also drive up there. Just look for Kamehameha Highway on your map and follow it out to the North Shore town of Laie. The PCC will be on your left, you can’t miss it.

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