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Pali Lookout – Oahu

The Pali Lookout is located on the Windward side of Oahu and is one of the more popular scenic points on Oahu, if not the most popular scenic point on Oahu. This is due to a number of reasons, which are all discussed below. One thing to note… the Pali Lookout is very windy, so make sure you are dressed appropriately and make sure you hang on tight to your belongings or they will be gone in a second.

How to get to Pali Lookout

You can use Google Maps to properly chart your course. However, little information changes no matter where on Oahu you are. You simply need to drive to the Pali Highway and there will be marked signs on both sides of the highway to access the Pali Lookout.

Hawaiian Culture, Legend and History

Legend says that the Pali Lookout was the point of a great war in the history to unite all of the Hawaiian Islands. King Kamehameha was in battle with others trying to unite the islands when he was thrown from the Pali cliff. Legend says that the powerful winds tossed him back up to the high ground and prevented him from falling to his death. As soon as this happened the battle stopped and everyone recognized King Kamehameha as the rightful king of Hawaii and the one to unite all of the Hawaii Islands.

What to Expect

You can expect amazing views of the entire Windward side of Oahu, which includes Kailua, Kaneohe, Waimanalo and Kahaluu. You can also expect some very strong winds, as the area gives off the strongest winds on Oahu and can sometimes be tough, yet very fun, to navigate. You will also be able to access the “old Pali Road,” which was a very small two lane road years ago before the Pali Highway was rebuilt. This leads you down to several great hikes, all of which are pretty family friendly. Pali Notches Hike is a bit tough, so maybe stay away from that one if you have the entire family.

Parking and Payments

The cutoff you take from the Pali Highway to get to the Pali Lookout Scenic Point will take you into a nicely paved parking lot the is located right in front of the scenic point itself. If you are a resident of Hawaii you will not have to pay to park. However, visitors with rental cars will have to shell out a couple of bucks to pay for parking, as this is something new the state is trying.

The Pali Lookout combines tons of Hawaiian history and lore with beautiful sites and views. Together they make up one of the “must see” scenic points on Oahu.

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