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Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach – Maui

Arguably one of the most unique beach settings in the world, Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach on Maui ranks right up there with Green Sand Beach and Black Sand Beach on the Big Island. The beach is actually small, but is located in a hidden cove that is quite a site to behold.

Need to Know

There are a few things you will need to know when setting out to find Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach. First off, you have to hike to get to the beach and the hike is actually a bit hazardous. Part of the trail has been washed away and other parts of the trail are covered in brush and located on the side of ledges. If you are not a confident hiker who is surefooted, then this may not be a hike you should go on. However, the payoff should you choose to go is something off legend, as the Red Sand Beach sparkles on the eyes and the hidden cove is something out of a Hollywood movie.


Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach gets all of its red sand from the Ka’uiki Head cinder cone. The rust-red lava cinder cliffs supply the beach with its red sand. The cove is also protected on the ocean side by a huge wall of dark lava rock, which also adds to the otherworldliness of the Red Sand Beach.

Hawaiian Culture

Ka‘uiki Head is also an important cultural site being the birthplace of Queen Ka’ahumanu, and site of historic battles and an ancient Heiau. This is all very prevalent to the culture and history of Hawaii, so that is something you will also get to experience as well. The Hawaiian name means “roaring sea.”

How to Find Kaihalulu

Located on the island of Maui at the end of Uakea Road., you can also use the Hana Highway as a reference point, as it runs parallel. Below you will find the instructions from Google Maps to help you find the Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach hidden cove. They are very accurate, so following this should get you where you need to be.

Google Map Instructions

• Park on the side of the road just outside of the Travasa Hotel parking lot. You will walk across the Hana Community Center field looking for a trail on your right hand side. Recently the trail has been well-cleared and is now very easy to find.
• If you end up at the Japanese Cemetery, you need to back-track to one of the paths that go downhill.

• The original ridge trail has been partially erased by a landslide. You will need to follow one of the other trails down to the shoreline, follow the shore and then climb back up to the trail beyond the slide.

• The trail is made of loose cinders and covered with ironwood pine needles. It is slippery, and there are several points where a slip could result in catastrophe.

Remember, the Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach should definitely be at the top of your list of things to see on Maui, but if the hike is too much for you, then don’t risk it.

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