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Hawaii – The Big Island

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Kilauea, Hawaii

Known by most as the “Big Island” of Hawaii, the biggest island in the Hawaiian Islands chain is actually named “Hawaii Island.” The Big Island of Hawaii is bigger than all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined, and continues to grow due to the ever erupting Kilauea Volcano, known as the Goddess “Pele” to locals.

Despite being the biggest island by far in the Hawaiian Island chain, the population of the Big Island is actually quite small, especially when compared to the roughly 1 million people that live on Oahu. Despite the fact that the population of the island is smaller than expected, there is no shortage of amazing Hawaii beaches on the island.

The Hawaii weather allows for an outdoor lovers paradise on the Big Island, and it doesn’t disappoint, as there are numerous outdoor activities that you will want to partake in while on the Big Island. Perhaps at the top of that “to do” list should be Volcanoes National Park, Waipio Valley, Akaka Falls State Park with their amazing Akaka Falls, and Papakolea, which is the hike that takes you into the majestic Green Sand Beach.

As far as Hawaii beaches go, the Big Island offers two of the more unique beaches you will ever see. Papakolea (Green Sand Beach) actually starts off as a hike that takes you into a valley to get you down to the beach, and Black Sand Beach, which is also an amazing site. The green sand is produced due to the surrounding minerals in the area, and of course the black sand is produced for old volcanic rock that has broken down over the years.

However, with all the amazing hikes, Hawaii beaches, and other outdoor activities that the Big Island offers, perhaps the one and only “can’t miss” attraction is Volcanoes National Park. There is so much to see and do within the park that one could spend three straight days exploring the area and still find it hard to cover everything.

Several hikes and exploring opportunities await you within the park. Caves, hideaways and unique volcanic rock formations are just a few things to take in. Perhaps the biggest thrill is getting a chance to view the hot flowing lava, which can be done by helicopter and occasionally on foot in the right areas. Make sure to bring a camera!

The Big Island offers some of the best Hawaii weather year round, and along with that weather offers numerous amazing outdoor activities that are sure to please everyone!

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