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Hawaii Itinerary – Maui Active

Maui 1-Day Hiking Itinerary

Maui offers some of the best hikes found in Hawaii. A combination of majestic mountains and ocean views allow the Maui hiker to enjoy hiking trails on the island in so many ways. What makes a lot of the hiking trails on Maui different isn’t necessarily the fact that they are harder or more advanced than other hiking trails in Hawaii, but the fact that from many of them you can see the ocean.

Haleakala Summit Trails

The main reason the Haleakala Summit Trails is listed first on this list is because the summit ranges on for around 30 miles and offers a ton of hiking trails to choose from. Some can be a short as 10 minutes long, while others may take you all day, and even into the night. While you may not be able to do the overnight camping trails, especially if you are only spending one day on the island, the Haleakala Summit Trails offer such a wide variety of trails that you are sure to find something that is perfect. Some of the most popular trails located inside the Summit Park include:

• Sliding Sands Trail
• Halemauu Trail
• Pa Kaoao Trail


This trail can be found while driving the Road to Hana. It is a three-mile trail that follows the coastline and starts just a little north of Hana Bay and goes out beyond Waianapanapa State Park. The trail begins in Kainalimu Bay and follows the jagged lava coastline along the Hawaiian “King’s Highway.” The coastline view is something spectacular to see, as it involves amazing jagged lava rock cascading down into the mighty Pacific Ocean. This truly is a site to behold.

Looking inland one will get a sweeping view of Hana Forest Reserve with its densely vegetated cinder cones. About 2.0 miles down the coast lies Wai’anapanapa State Park. This area has several cabins that are available for rental for those of you who are interested in staying in the area longer. The Wai Trail is definitely one you will want to visit if you are an avid hiker, as the combination of scenery and wildlife allow for a truly fantastic hiking experience.

Waikamoi Forest Ridge Trail

Again, as is the case with many great hiking trails on Maui, the Waikamoi Forest Ridge Trail can be found right off the Road to Hana, directly after the mile nine marker. This forest trail is more of a walk than a flat out hike, but the payoff comes while walking through the forest and ends when you hit the overlook at the end of the trail. This trail only takes about 30 minutes (not including stopping at scenic points) and it is a loop trail so it starts and ends at the same place. Along the way you will find great views, luscious plant life and plenty wildlife. This is a quick and easy trail that has several payoffs and you can do it in a short amount of time and still have plenty of time left for other activities on Maui.

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