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Hawaii Island Hopping

  • Hawaii Island Hopping

    If you are planning on Hawaii island hopping, you are most likely trying to decide which Hawaiian island to visit first, or what order to island hop. One of the best things about island hopping in Hawaii is that while all the islands share many things in common, each island has it’s own flavor. The six main islands you have to chose from when you are island hopping in Hawaii are Hawaii “The Big Island”, Maui…

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  • Maui – Valley Isle

    Known as the “Valley Isle,” Maui is arguably the most beautiful island in the entire Hawaiian Island chain. While you will find beauty and splendor on all of the magnificent Hawaiian Islands, Maui offers something special in the way of beauty. Known for majestic whale watching and a laid back atmosphere that everyone can appreciate, Maui is home to some of the best activities available throughout all of Hawaii. From the world famous “Road to Hana,”…

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  • Kauai – The Garden Island

    Kauai is the wettest and most lush island out of all the Hawaiian Islands. It makes sense then that this majestic island is actually nicknamed the “Garden Isle.” With some of the wettest Hawaii weather in the islands, Kauai still manages to offer a ton of great outdoor experiences. The island, like all the others, also has its own great Hawaii beaches, as great beaches on each island is a similar theme. While the Big Island…

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  • Hawaii – The Big Island

    Known by most as the “Big Island” of Hawaii, the biggest island in the Hawaiian Islands chain is actually named “Hawaii Island.” The Big Island of Hawaii is bigger than all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined, and continues to grow due to the ever erupting Kilauea Volcano, known as the Goddess “Pele” to locals. Despite being the biggest island by far in the Hawaiian Island chain, the population of the Big Island is actually quite…

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  • Oahu – The Gathering Place

    There is a reason Oahu is nicknamed the “Gathering Place.” For one, thing, this was the main island in the old Hawaiian days, and it was considered the gathering place for everyone when something important was happening. I guess you can still think that way today, as Oahu has more residents on it than all the other Hawaiian Islands combined. The total population of Hawaii is right around 1.3 million, with almost 1 million of those…

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  • Things To Do In Hawaii

    There are so many things to do in Hawaii it is sometimes hard to choose. Do you want to hike and bike your way through the islands or do you prefer to relax by the water? Is it sightseeing or shopping or the food that has brought you to Hawaii? Do you enjoy golfing on top courses or is surfing on the top of your list? The list of things to do in Hawaii is endless,…

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